1. A Resident of Indian, can own Vastquery’s Dealership
  2. Age of the Applicants should not be less than 21 Years.
  3. Applicants should Pass Minimum of Degree level.
  4. Applicants should not be Involved both Civil and Criminal Activities.


  1. All partners should have to individually fulfil the eligibility criteria as specified above and each partner should submit separate application forms.


The Applicants should furnish below- mentioned documents along with application from for Vastquery’s Dealership.

  1. Proof of Age*                   : Age certificate, Passport,  Election Identity card ( Any One)
  2. Educational qualification  :  Certificates issued by Competent Authority or State Government or Government of India.
  3. Address Proof                   : Adhaar Card, Smart Card, Passport( Any One)


  1. Consultancy Level Dealer:  

For Regular Dealers, the Fund requirement for eligibility will be Rs 30000/- and for a Rural dealers Fund requirement for eligibility will be Rs. 20000/-

  • Panchayat Level Dealer:
    • Village Panchayat                   : 1000/-
    • Town Panchayat                     : 1250/-
    • Municipality                            : 1500/-
    • Corporation (as per Ward )     :1500/-

Attached Photocopies

  1. Adhaar Card, PAN Card
  2. Birth Certificate or Passport.
  3. Educational Certificates or Transfer Certificate.


  1. The Terms and Condition between the Company and the Authorized dealer shall come into force from the date of signing of this proposal form and shall continue until determined by either Party in writing. 
  2. The dealership awarded to the authorized dealer is exclusive in nature. And the following products are coming under this dealership. Website ( Both Dynamic & Static), Android App, IOS APP, ERP Software, SEO Solutions, Hosting (Web and Business ).
  3. The Authorized Consultancy Dealer get 30 Number of Free Website (Static website, Dynamic Single Vendor website) Within One Year time Period. After Reaching 30 Number of Website Dealer Want to pay Rs. 900/- for One Website ( Both Static & Dynamic Single Vendor Website price will differ basis on client requirement). Android App is Rs. 4999/- , IOS App Rs. 6750/- (Both the application price will differ basis on client requirement), ERP software Price is per Module Rs. 1999/- (ERP Software price will differ basis on client requirement)
  4. The Authorized Panchayat level Dealer get one Number of Free Website (Static website, Dynamic Single Vendor website) Within One Year time Period. After Reaching one Number of Website Dealer Want to pay Rs. 900/- for One Website ( Both Static & Dynamic Single Vendor Website price will differ basis on client requirement). Android App is Rs. 4999/- , IOS App Rs. 6750/- (Both the application price will differ basis on client requirement), ERP software Price is per Module Rs. 1999/- (ERP Software price will differ basis on client requirement)
  5. Panchayat level dealer want to refer one number of persons with in one week of time. The Referral amount is Rs.225/- will be provide by Vastquery to respect their dealer accounts. Referral Number must be filled in the application form. Referral number manually provide by Vastquery.
  6. Vastquery Responsibility for Dealer’s Clients website;
    • Website Maintenance for One Year,
    • Website Hosting for One Year,
    • Free SSL Certificate for One Year,
    • 24/7 Technical Support for One Year,
  7. Authorized dealer should not have business dealing either directly or indirectly with any companies or persons who are competitors for our products. If vastquery found such like those activity, Vastquey’s have all rigths to cancel the Dealership with or without notice.
  8.  Authorized dealer will maintain confidentially of all documents & information relating to the business of the company.
  9. The Authorized Dealer hereby undertakes and agrees with the Company that it will at all times during the continuance in force of this agreement observe and perform the terms and conditions set out in this agreement and:
    • Will abide by all the policies of the Company announced from time to time.
    • Will not use the name or trademark /logo of the company on the letterheads or otherwise except in the manner approved by the Company.
    • Will not assign or purport to assign the benefit of this Agreement without the prior consent of the Company in writing
  10. Validity & Renewal
    1. Initial validity of appointment is for 1 year, from the date of signing the agreement. Renewal of Dealership will be purely depending upon the performance of Dealer. Company has the right to renew the dealership or reject the renewal
    1. Company will support the business by branding through advertisement and by providing all the necessary Catalogues, technical specification charts and pamphlets.
  11. Company can give technical as well as marketing training /guidance upon request. Company will provide technical expert services at site on demand at free of cost in case of any major technical issues.
  12. Area of Operation: Vastquery Solution’s Distribution will be for specific districts as mentioned in Dealership certificate by the company. Dealer has to operate in the area for which appointed by the company. However, company has the right to increase, reduce or modify the area of operation
  13. Payment mode: Payment would be through the following mode: Demand Draft/RTGS/Cheque after realization in company’s account
  14. Without prejudice to any other remedies the Company may have against the Authorized Dealer, the Company shall have the right at any time by giving notice in writing to the Authorized Dealer to terminate the Agreement forthwith in any of the following events
    1. If the Authorized Dealer commits the breach of any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement.
    1. If from any cause, the Authorized Dealer is prevented from performing their duties here under for a period of three months or for a total period of three months in any period of twelve calendar months.
    1. If the Authorized Dealer is guilty of any conduct which in the opinion of the Company is prejudicial to the Company’s interests.

Terms of Use

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